Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thought moment.

Questions : (Unedited)

1.Where do our unwholesome thoughts come from? Can it be influenced by an unseen being?

The "unseen being" is our "ignorant and deluded mind".

2. Can more than one stream of conciousness co-exist in one physical body? What can we do to prevent that from happenning to us?

"Stream" means "continuous flow". There can only be one continuous flow. It is just like electrical current. Our consciousness is in a continuous flux comprising a continuous flow of "thought moments". Each thought moment is referred to as a unit of the mind. Each unit of the mind has 7 major currents which cause the continuous flow of 17 waves. One cycle is one beat of the mind, just like the heart beat, but millions of times faster. It is so fast that we have been deceived to believe that we have permanent and unchanging souls.

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