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I would like to know your thoughts on tattoo's. Im wanting to have the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" tattooed onto my body in Tibetan. What I would like to know is - would it bring bad karma, is it a very unbuddhist thing to do. I have been practicing buddhism for awhile and I wouldnt like to insalt the faith.

Kind Regards

My comment:
Hi L,

Thank you for asking me.

Why not spend more time to probe deeper into the pristine teachings of the Buddha? There is a very good web site where you can gather more info about the true teachings of the Buddha:

The Buddha taught truth and peace. He showed us how to escape from this world of suffering. He encouraged us to reduce our greed, hatred and delusion, so that we can live in peace and happiness. He cultivated his mind through countless eons to attain full enlightenment. It is through right view and understanding that we can be wise to live a harmless and happy life. To tattoo or not, is not in the ambit of the Buddha's teachings.

The freedom of choice and decision are the hallmarks of Buddhism. You are free to use your wisdom to decide.


inkessential said...

It is said that seeing, hearing and chanting the Mani mantra Om Ma Ni Pehme Hum, is a great blessing, on the same logic wearing the mantra has also benefit.
However there is a general code of respect where placing the mantra on your body as a tattoo, where is it advised to wear the mantra high on the body and not below the waist line.

Advice on the Mani mantra as a tattoo can be found here:

charm said...

Most important thing is to practice Buddhism wisely as it is exactly taught by Buddha.

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