Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes, stop reading Buddhism.


Hey, my name is L... 16 years old and from sweden, I've written to you before hope you don't get all fed up with me.

I tried Buddhism for some months, and by trying I mean, listening to Ajan Brahms Dhamma Talks, Reading Texts from, meditating and being "buddhist like" in my daily life.
This is what I found out...

I got alot of happiness from it, being happy walking, being happy sitting simply being more happy in general.
Also I got nicer to my friends and I didn't get into arguments with them. I got so happy with life that I was content. unfortuentlly this is not a good thing in my case.

when I was content I started to stop caring so much about school and other important things.

The teachers said that next best grade is good and that I should be content with it, I was then I got one grade lower than that, and finally I got fail grade in math. this stuck me so hard that I was down til I understood that it was my fault, and when I understood that... man I got angry at myself, I have parents that support me a whole lot, I have friends, I have intelligence and still I can't succed in school.

Then I figured that buddhism don't give happiness for me in the end.
When I studied buddhism I learned so much about humans but that don't give me better grades do it? without grades I won't get any job and then I've pretty much failed my parents, they are so unbeliveable kind to me that I really want to become something big to make them proud.

One Important thing that I've learned about buddhists is that they are wise and know what to do in almost every situations, you people are wise.
So I want to ask you this and please be as serious in your answare as you can.

Do You Think I should stop reading buddhism?

My comment: Hi L,

Welcome back; yes I remember you. You have also contacted the other "expert".

"Do You Think I should stop reading buddhism?"
Answer: YES. If you are just reading Buddhism and neglecting your studies, YES, stop wasting your valuable time if you still do not get the Buddha's message. I think I have told you before that you have to strike a balance between spiritual life and worldly responsibilities. You are not acting responsibly in your studies, and you are misinterpreting the Buddha's teachings.

You cannot be happy if you neglect your worldly responsibilities. In your case, your main responsibility is to concentrate on your studies. Incorporate the Buddha's teachings into your worldly activities.

Be nice, be kind, be happy, but at the same time please concentrate on your studies. If you follow this advice, then you are a wise person, a real wise Buddhist, just like us!

Sorry to be so harsh on you. Be happy and study hard!

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CheaHS@n said...

Very well said, be happy please study. Saddhu saddhu saddhu

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