Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What you believe is your business.

Question : (Unedited)

Being a christian i am interested in the buddhist view of Christ. What do buddhist's make of christ. was he a prophet, was he a man, do you guys even believe in prophets or prophecy, what do you believe?

i know that there are some religions which acknowledge christ and the work he did (i think hare krishna is one such religion).

My comment:
As Buddhists, we are not concerned with what others think of our teacher. Our main concern is to practise his teachings in order to have inner peace and happiness. Likewise, we are not concerned about what you choose to belief. As such, we need not have to comment about your belief and your Christ. You have the freedom to believe what you want. This is the respect we give to others for their beliefs.

We Buddhists actually do not believe in anything! The Buddha advised his followers not to believe in anything without investigation and analysis. In other words, we do not believe blindly. We "believe" in universal truths. The first is that all existences are transcient and not permanent...ever changing. Because of this continuous change taking place, there is no permanent perfection in existence. In other words, the whole existence is very imperfect and unsatisfactory. We "believe" that all existence is in the end without substance. Things come and go. Life is born, growth and old age follow, in the end life expires. This is the eternal truth of existence.

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