Monday, December 21, 2009

Zombies don't think.

Question: (Unedited)

Dear Justinchoo,

I hope you will receive my email in the best of your health and spirits.

I am 29 years old. I started meditation for long time but I am not so much consistent. I may do for few days thn drop it and thn I can start it again after few days. The real question I wanna ask is that I like to think allot. I am always thinking or you can say imaging about my future life always. My mind is always busy like this. The good thing is that I always think positive and see good changes in life. But I want to ask you that is it a good practice to think always or imagine about future. I usually do it when alone or walking. Should I make my mind to not to think at all and must not imagine. I would like to have your guidance about it please

With best regards,


My comment:
Hi I K,

Thank you for your concern. I'm in the pink of health.

It is natural to think. And you are very fortunate to have positive thoughts. That's the way to be. How can we be not thinking while awake? We will be zombies then! The Buddha's advice was to think wisely and mindfully. Buddhist meditation is to train the mind to do just that. We can vary the intensity of thinking. To be more spiritual I would say we need to regulate our thinking pattern. To live in the present moment, meaning, to be alert and mindful here and now; no stray thoughts. For example, recitation of "Buddho", to be aware of the present moment.

However, as lay persons we cannot just think in this pattern all the time. We have to plan our lives, do our jobs, and take care of our families. Strike a balance. Practise your meditation and improve your mindfulness, while at the same time think positive .

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