Monday, May 26, 2008

Different Varieties (Question)

We are all spoilt for choices. Even in religion. See how many Christian denominations. What about Buddhism? Same problem. When I was learning more about Buddhism, what I was interested in was just the teachings of the Buddha. That simple. But when I learned more, I was disenchanted to find so many different "schools" or traditions of Buddhism. I was really upset. I wasn't interested in them. I just wanted to learn the teachings of the Buddha. That's all.
Someone has similar problem. He lamented: (unedited)

[thanks alot for your answers justinchoo, they helped me to understand some things better.
of all religions i think buddhism suites the person iam best, but unfortunatly like many things with me i still cant help feel abit skeptical, even though i know nobody has anything to gain at my expense, it really is something i would like to get rid of but maybe that will come in time. after all the idea of reincarnation, kamma and meditation are not things that i was at all familar with until recently.
i also wanted to ask about the different types of buddhist religions, as i was interested in visiting one of the centre's in my area, there seems to be afew different kinds like the new kadampa and friends of the western buddhism order and of course the more mainstream kinds, from what i read online they both seem quite similar, i have also recently leanrnt more about zen buddhism but there is alot of information to take in and i feel that no matter how much i read about buddhism it is still only a very small amount compared to what is avaliable, but i think the trick is knowing when to stop for awhile and wait until you have fully absorbed something before you carry on.
anyway sorry for going on abit and again thanks for any help,
wishing you peace and clarity, ]
Any advice for our friend? I shall tell you to-morrow.

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