Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Praying Aloud, Praying Allowed. (Question)

Actually the term "praying" is not a very appropriate one in Buddhism. I would prefer "recitation" or "chanting". So, do you recite aloud or in silence? Any difference? Someone asked: (unedited)

[im fairly new to Buddhism(forgive me if my questions seem ignorant) and not knowing any Buddhists to discuss things with im glad to have found this site. firstly i have to ask about the rituals that are associated with Buddhism, im not very confortable with chanting and preying, i have a statue of Buddha and im grateful in my heart to him and all people but i dont really see the point in saying things out loud as long as i feel them, do you think this is the wrong attitude for Buddhists?]
What do you think? Tell you what I think to-morrow.

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