Friday, May 30, 2008

What sort of question is this?? (Qn part 1 of 3)

This is going to be a mouthful. Some so-called student posed this non-sensical riddle. Even then, positive comments could be "invented" to satisfy him.

Read his question first: (unedited)

[Hello, I am doing a project for my World History class. We have a series of scenarios that we have to figure out. They are like riddles. This scenario refers to Buddhism and history. I was wondering if you could help me out with it.

Here is the scenario: A contemporary of the one who coined the rule of AU79, he searched for the karmic truth and tried to follow the advice given to Arjuna. He was troubled by the three faces of suffering - and so made something new.After 48 near 2683 he shared this and the absence of casts for decay is inherent in all things?. The three baskets of wisdom overcame the liar by truth? too late for 100000 at Kalinga - but not for those after. Not too late for you either. Still on 593 at 4889 figs and arrows can help you find the way.

1. What is the rule of AU79 and who coined it?

2. Who is he? and what did he make?

3. What is meant by the absence of casts(?)??

4. Why was it not too late for those after??

5.Where can you go to find the way and what is the way?

So far I have figured out the the rule is the golden rule and Confuscious coined it. Also that Buddha made the Noble Eightfold Path. The absence of castes means that there ws no simple division of society in which there are four castes arranged in a hierarchy and below them the outcast. Also, I figured out the the it was not too late for those after because King Asoka converted to Buddhism and became against violence and preached Buddha's doctorine and promised not to fight in a war again.

I am trying to figure out where you can go to find the way and what is the way (Question 5). If you could please try to figure it out and let me know I would be very appreciative. You can just email me any of your ideas at Thanks for your time. ]

It must be World History of the Century!! What a load of rubbish! Can you turn this heap of rubbish into fertizer for the mind? Give you one day to think about it. Then we can compare notes.

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