Friday, May 9, 2008

Robin Hood (Question)

Robin Hood

Welcome to the first chapter of this journey of discovery. Discovery of the multitudes of life's problems and puzzles. Will there be always a satisfying answer to a question? Let us begin with this "catch 22" scenario. Below is the question (unedited).

[I am a bread/cake route driver. For years now I have given some of my returns to the employees at my accounts, most are making minimum wage and are poor with familys. My company sends the returns to the bakery, tries to sell some at thrift stores but they throw a bunch away to the landfill. They consider giving away the returns stealing. Since I have begun taking on-line mahayana classes I realize that this is stealing and have told my customers I must take back all returns. Still I feel guilty for not helping these people. How can I clean up my bad karma for stealing and stop thinking I'm taking food from peoples mouths?]

Well, what do you think? I shall post my comment tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot see any "catch 22" question posted, a technical glitch perhaps?

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