Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Most Esteemed Visitor

Shravasti Dhammika

On Vesak eve, I received a wonderful Dhamma gift in the form of a surprised comment by an esteemed reverend by the name of S. Dhammika.
He wrote:

"Dear Jusitn, I really liked your Vesak thoughts - genuine, thoughtful and kindly. Please have a look at mine at www.sdhammika.blogspot.com"
My reply:
(I have yet to figure out how to post reply. So now as a stop gap measure, I am using another "comment" as my reply to you.)

It must be the ripening of my good kamma that I am honored to have Bhante in my Blog. There was one day in the Mahindarama Library that I also had the honour to ask you about how to identify the sutta reference in the Tipitakka although at that time still ignorant of your reputation.

I was most impressed after listening to your talk at that time. I was also very impressed that you always recited the first two stanzas of the Dhammapada after each talk, although a lot of listeners were unaware of what you were reciting.

I will surely read your Blog everyday from now. The last time I heard was that you were in Sri Lanka. Are you now over there or in Singapore? Your “Broken Buddha” is a gem. And your “Good question, good answer” is first class. I quite often use your analogy of Faraday to answer the question that the Buddha was no longer here.

I fervently hope that Bhante Dhammika would drop-in this blog often and point out any misrepresentation that I might have committed, so I may learn from my mistakes.

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