Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Forgiving The Unforgiveable (Question)

It is human nature to get angry when hurt by others, especially the one you most loved and trust for life. How on earth are we going to forgive this cruel betrayal? How could he done that to me? Why is it like that? Why?Why?Why?? I will never forgive him! Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! The world continues to go round and round and round.........
Someone, (very angry), asked this question (unedited):

[How do you forgive those who have hurt you so deep you can not even stand to look at them or think of them or talk about them with anyone?I know that this anger and hate is causing me more pain and destruction of myself than my hating this person does to her. She will always be the kind of destructive person she is. I can't change her-how do I change me?
Thank You, Janet
Not really sure to tell you what my "belief" is. I have always tried to do the right things, taught my children to be decent, loving, caring, understanding. They are wonderful. Why is it so hard for me? I don't want to hate, I am sickened by the anger this person brings to my life. She is a relative so it is impossible to escape having her in my life. She does not care who she hurts or how. She is never sorry. Unfortunetly her daughter is the same way. I have tried to forgive her several times and we have started over without it lasting for long. They lie, steal, manipulate people and situations, always causing grief and destruction in my life and my marriage. This has been going on for 35 years. I ask them to stay away from my home and myself about 2 years ago. Even tho I have no contact with them, do not speak of them with other family members things are still uneven in my marriage and other family relationships. Forgiving them only sets me up for their next catastrophe. Any suggestions?]
Terrible, isn't it? Would you like to give some advice?
I shall give mine to-morrow at 12.01am and dedicate it to Sweet Caroline.

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