Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The age-old question (Question)

Some would like others to prove that God doesn't exist. The irony of this is that these same people, in the first place, would not be able to prove that God exists. Buddhists do not have this problem. They simply are not interested; whether God exists or does not exist. The concept of God, the all powerful, the creator, etc, etc, is never in the vocabulary of Buddhist teachings.

This person didn't sound like asking a question, but expressing doubt about the existence of God: (unedited)


Thanks for the response, i got it now. This is off that topic but i was wondering what buddhists views were on Jesus. Not his teachings but his claim to be God. I have not even come to a conclusion on that but i figure that if he did claim to be than i dont believe he was a liar and i dont believe he was insane therefore he has to know what he is talking about. BUT if he wasnt claiming be God thats another question. Im just curious but i see this as the most important question when looking at religions or ways of life because Jesus and Krishna were the only people i know of who claimed to be God so we have to examine if they were lying or if they were even claiming that. Thanks again, ]

We may speculate until the cows come home, or in this case, until Kingdom comes; we will still be in square one. So are we still going to answer such nebulous question? Will tell you to-morrow. In the meantime you can think about it.

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