Friday, June 27, 2008

Convert or rot in hell!! (Comment)

As you know Buddhists are not into the numbers game. So no such trick as "conversion". My comment as below:

In the true spiritual sense, if you are a good person, having compassion for others as well as for your own self, not hurting anyone in thoughts,speech, and actions; and being constantly on guard to fulfil all the above at all times, then you are a good Buddhist! The Buddha's mission was not to convert anyone into his "religion". His mission was to help people not to do silly, foolish and evil things. Not to hurt others including all living beings as best we could. By maintaining this lifestyle of non-hatred, non-greed, right understanding of good and bad, people would be able to live in peace. This is his universal message applicable across nations, races, ideologies, encompassing time and space.

In the worldly sense, of course you can be labelled a "Buddhist" if you follow the teachings of the Buddha more closely and diligently, by indepth studies and practice, and training and developing the mind through Buddhist meditation. As a "confirmed" Buddhist in the Theravada tradition, which is one of the different schools of Buddhism which I belong, I undertake to live my life by the 5 guiding principles or precepts to the best of my ability. These 5 are:

Refrain from taking life

Refrain from stealing

Refrain from sexual misconduct

Refrain from telling lies

Refrain from taking intoxicants.

There is no formal ritual like "baptism" in order to convert. It is all in your mind. You cannot cheat yourself. If you are sincere then you start practising the Buddha's teachings, and you are "converted". That simple!

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Grace Chan said...

Dear Justin,

Hello. I'm Grace Chan a new reader of your blog. My wish is that you'd write more on Mahayana Buddhism and Pure Land.

I find the information in English on these subjects are limited. I've to rely on the Chinese materials which sometimes show the stark differences.


Namo Amitabha
Grace Chan

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