Saturday, June 14, 2008

See past lives (Comment)

Have you ever heard of any fortune teller or clairvoyance or psychic striking the first prize lottery? Then you should read below:


Actually if an ordinary person can see his past kamma, he will be in great shock! The very fact that we cannot see our past, means that we are not ready yet. Actually it is a safety catch that we not see our past ( and also our future, for that matter) and be able to live by. Just imagine if you could see your past, do you think you could handle your life? And if you could see the future, you think it will help you to live a better life? We humans are by nature curious, but we don't have 9 lives, so to say. Quite honestly, if we can know both past and future, we are in deep trouble. The reason is that we are not ready to cope with such powers. However, to answer you directly. Yes, we can know our past as well as the future. That is when you have cultivated your mind up to such powerful level that you don't rely on your external faculties to comprehend things. You only use your powerful mind to explore the endless universe in the beginningless of time, and the infinity of the future. In this repect, no amount of chanting will give you such power.

Our lives are definitely influenced by our past kamma, both positive and negative. There is no escape in this universal law of retribution. Good begets good, and bad begets bad. It's that simple! But this is just half of the story. Knowing that we are the inheritors of our past kamma, we also now know that we are the creator of our future kamma. (Here we use the word kamma quite loosely to describe the results that we are experiencing. In the Buddhist context, kamma means volitional actions, which means actions that are deliberately and consciously done. It is the results of these actions that we are actually talking about. In Pali language, it is called vipaka, i.e. results or consequences.) In order to protect ourselves, from now on, we have to generate good kamma so that we can reap good results in this life as well as the future.

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