Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beginning of the world (Comment)

There cannot be a beginning or an end. It is a cycle of "forming, existing, dissolving, and disappearing". My comment as below:

You would be surprised to know that what the Buddha had revealed about the nature of the universe, the scientists have just discovered to be true! Astro scientists have discovered that the whole universe is ever expanding and always in motion. There is also this incessant cycle of creation of stars, existence of stars, degeneration of stars, and the ultimate death of stars. And the cycle continues ad infinitum. You can get a clearer understanding of the nature of the universe in the "astronomy" sites. This was exactly what the Buddha revealed over 2500 years ago, without the aid of any telescope.

In essence, the Buddha revealed that there is no beginning and no end. There is also no time frame in the true nature of things. Ask any astro scientist and he will confirm this for you. The Buddha at times refused to answer this type of question because there were many (and still are) who could not understand this concept of "no beginning and no end". The Buddha not only revealed the creation of this world, but also revealed the cosmic creation of the whole universe. He also revealed the beginning of life forms as well as humans. He divided the process of "creation" (for lack of better word) into four stages...formation, existence, degeneration, and destruction. Upon destruction, all the material elements return to their original base elements, and after a long long time, they begin to group together and the process of formation starts again, and the cycle continues.

So you can understand, that the whole process is a cycle, and has no beginning or ending. These forces of "formation, existence, degeneration and destruction" are universal phenomena throughout the entire cosmic space which has no ending. Time is a non factor, it has no meaning in this cosmic display of life cycle in enormous scale.


Leslie Lim said...

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sarah lee said...

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Justin Choo said...

Hi Sarah,
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