Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meeting spiritual needs naturally

To-day we take a break from our monotonous journey of "Question & Answer" monologue. This article is one of four featured in the well-known British weekly magazine New Statesman. You can read them starting HERE.

Pantheist Paul Harrison explains how we are all capable of fulfilling our own need for deeper meaning without the help of the supernatural. He wrote that "Pantheism can’t relieve stress and anxiety by offering help from magic or from gods – but a running stream, the rustling of leaves in a forest, or a clear view of the Milky Way can place all our personal problems in perspective and give us inner peace, even euphoria. Meditation is a wonderful stress reliever for any faith or none – and can be experienced more deeply if you feel that your body is one with your mind, rather than some inconvenient distraction. The mystical feeling of oneness with everything is easiest to sense when you know that your body is, as physical fact, a part of everything."

You can read about Pantheism HERE.

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