Friday, June 6, 2008

Misty perception (Answer)


Don't panic, and thanks for asking me. It is in the sharing that we can learn more. My first suggestion to you is "stop"! Yes, stop the "confusing". How? Yes, just stop doing what you are doing, thinking, reading, analysing. The more you continue, the more you are going to get confused. The reason... you take in too much information without the supportive foundation for the various subjects. What I would suggest is that you take a break, go for a holiday with your fiance, and please forget about Buddhism, Taoism or Advaita (I don't know what that is). We don't want to have a situation of information overload. You know what will happen in the scenario of an info overload.

The immediate remedy for you is to go back to the "relax mode". Then your mind will be calm again. Once you are back to square one, so to speak, I suggest you can start again. This time take a stroll into your spiritual journey, which must be gradual, cool, relaxing, and peaceful. Choose the subject you are interested most and start with that first. Do not bring in other subjects. Once you are fairly clear with that subject and are fully satisfied, then proceed to the next, and then the next. You will find that by going the gradual way, you will have more space for your mind to digest the relevant information. Then you can decide on which path you want to follow.

At this juncture, I do not wish to explain in detail the questions that you asked because it will cause you further pain and confusion. But just to satisfy your doubts I shall try to be specific,and give you my point of view in the shortest possible time here. Jesse, there are actually 2 types of truth as expounded by the Buddha. Universal or ultimate truth, and worldly or conventional truth. When we go deeper spiritually we will realize more ultimate truth and slowly "discard" the worldly truth. An example of worldly truth...if you get everything that you desire then you will be the happiest person in the world. Ultimate truth.....only if you realize the real nature of this world you will have peace in yourself because you will be able to live with this chaotic world and not being a part of it. Once we are not part of the system, the system cannot affect us.

As for now, I can assure you that everything in existence is for real. So your fiance is real! As an ordinary mortal we depend on our 5 external senses to view things, and our limited brain to analyse information based on our limited knowledge of the world. As the saying goes, "garbage in garbage out". If you are interested in Buddhism, then when you understand the teachings of the Buddha, you will know how to view this world in its reality, and its proper perspective, and not being deluded by its external beauty and temptations. Then you would understand what is this "illusion".

If you are still not satisfied with my answer, please come back to me and I will try again. In the meantime, take it easy, and have fun. If you are happy with my answer, then I hope to hear from you in the near future when you are ready to take the spiritual journey, once again.

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