Sunday, June 15, 2008

Any Guarantee? (Question)

Occasionally your doorbell may ring and smiling strangers will promise you some good news. No, they are not giving you free toothpaste. They promise you better things to come; but on one condition. You must die first in order to receive. Of course the Heavenly Kingdom. How come these grinning jokers never promise you Kingdom Come here and now!!

Someone wanted to know whether Buddhists, can be like those smiling jokers who are trained to look you at the eyes, guarantee him to reborn as a human in his next life: (unedited)

[what conditions one needs to fulfill in this life in order to be reborn as a human in next life?]

I hope to-morrow may not be too late for him. I need to think and let him know to-morrow. You do likewise.

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