Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bill Gates for the benefit of the world

Bill Gates "retires" for the benefit of the world.

He is now looking forward to devote his time to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; to do good for the world through his riches, which peaked at $100 billion during the tech boom. He has been accused of monopolizing the software industry. Now let's see whether he will be accused of monopolizing the "Welfare" industry!! How many billionaires in history have you known of such altruistic people? None, except Bill Gates! Will Warren Buffet be next?

This article is worth reading.

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A true Malaysian said...

Bill Gates is indeed someone that all the riches in this world should be emulated, after all, one couldn't bring his money along to his or her next life.

We can bring along our karma (good or bad) but not material wealth.

I am not a millionaire, but I am used to donate for good causes within my means.

Bill Gates is truly a Buddhist in heart, doesn't matter what he regards himself as.

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