Friday, June 20, 2008

Chance meeting? (Comment)
"Are our lives fated? Is kamma the only influence in our lives?"

As I have said before, we are what we were. And we will be what we are. We have been going in circle since time immmorial. Our lives are a series of past events. We are still acting on this stage, based on our previous actions as well as the present actions. Once we understand the law of kamma, we know that our present lives are not fluke shots. We had unwittingly created or moulded what we are to experience in this present lives. So what we are now had been pre-destined by our previous kamma. In that sense, our spouses and important events in our lives had been pre-determined by our past actions. Exactly which kamma produced which effect is not for us to know. But it can definitely be postulated that "we are what we were".

However, it is important that I reiterate here, that our lives now, are just half of the story. From now onwards we must realize that we have full control over what we want to do, in order to mould our future for tomorrow and the day after, and our future lives. As such we do not view this law of kamma as something fatalistic. This is what we call skilful living; living in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha.

You wrote: (i never used to give much thought to spiritual matters until recently when i started reading buddhism.)

My answer: This is the result of your good past kamma ripening! You have answered your own question in this respect! It is for this understanding of the law of kamma, that Buddhists are not so crazy as to go overboard to convert others. When the time is ripe, the fruits will appear! Of course, we must still make effort to spread the Buddha's teachings to those who seek, and also to those who are waiting for us. Remember we still have full control of what we want to do with our lives right now.

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